Nuzzo Lawn Mowing in Missoula and Forest Fuel Reduction



Vinny of Nuzzo Lawn and Forest Care in Missoula offers zero turn lawn mowing in Missoula with a 54" cutting deck with collection or mulching capabilities.  For small yards with small gates Vinny also offers walk behind mowing.  Weed mowing is available and large acreages are welcome. Every mowing session comes complete with weed wacking and edging and leaf blowing of debris off all walks and driveways, etc.  Tree and bush trimming, mulching, roundup spraying, leaf removal and yard clean up are also available services. Please inquire about anything you may need done. Dethatching and aerating will be services Vinny offers as well in the near future. Weekly or bi-weekly maintenance is offered for those with watered lawns and services are also offered on a per cut/per time basis.  Also look to Vinny for evergreen forest fuel reduction in Missoula and the greater area.



Forestry and forest fuel reduction in Missoula and beyond:  The forest aspect of Vinny's business involves the thinning and trimming of younger stands of small evergreen trees for forest health and defensible space for your home and property. Cuttings can be lopped and scattered, chipped or burned or hauled off. Some larger growth trees that pose issues may be able to be removed and bucked for firewood or other uses or potentially burned.  Each job is unique and Vinny is happy to look at your property and consult with you on solutions. Through forestry and tree thinning techniques,  diseased trees and beetle affected trees can be mitigated for the health of the stand and through fuel reduction, your forest can be less vulnerable to wildland fire and less of a threat to your home and property. Also, through selective cutting and thinning, desired tree species can be brought back to health and in greater numbers.

Services in a nutshell



Mowing, mulching mowing                   

Small and Large acreages welcomed

Weed mowing

Field mowing

Weed wacking


Leaf blowing 

Lawn clean up, leaf collection

Bush & Shrub trimming 

Tree trimming with pole saw

Bed mulching

Round Up, Weed/Feed

Dethatching, aerating to come

Pressure washing                


Chainsaw work

Defensible space creation/Forest fuel reduction

Urban/Wild land interface fuel reduction

Specializing in smaller to moderate acreages for tree thinning

Brush cutting

Young evergreen tree stand thinning

Small tree thinning

Limbing with pole saw

Disease tree cutting

Beetle tree cutting




Evergreen tree felling

Evergreen tree stand management and consulting